Ghislaine Maxwell raised young men to abuse Epstein

Ghislaine Maxwell raised young people and familiarized them with sexuality to hand them over to the abuses of friend Jeffrey Epstein.

The truth was ” almost unspeakable.” Ghislaine shut her up. Or not. The arrest of the heiress of former British press tycoon Robert Maxwell, accused of soliciting girls to satisfy the sexual desires of American millionaire friend and former lover Jeffrey Epstein came accompanied by a description of the facts imputed to him. It’s “unspeakable,” prosecutors said the day before yesterday announced the arrest in New York.

Ghislaine Maxwell was the favorite of her father, founder of the Mirror Group, unlike the brothers. But the family sina is the same. Robert died in an unexplained accident: he was found dead, floating off the Canary Islands. He must have fallen off the yacht he gave his daughter’s name. To the heirs left a bankrupt empire and stained by deviations from pension funds, for which Ian and Kevin responded. They’d end up acquitted of conspiracy to commit fraud.

Ghislaine’s luck may not be identical. And, by drag, that of long-time friend Andrew, Prince son of Queen Elizabeth II. it was she who introduced Andrew to Epstein and the rest of the story is made of young people accusing the royal figure of sexual abuse in the House of Ghislaine, in the presence of Epstein.

Preparing young people for abuse

“Maxwell played a key role in helping Epstein identify, make friends and prepare minor victims of abuse” for Epstein. “In some cases, Maxwell participated in the abuse. He set the trap. He pretended to be a woman they could trust while preparing them so Epstein could abuse them.”The description is from New York Attorney Audrey Strauss and is in the indictment.

He approached the young women – the youngest was 14 years old at the time -and showed curiosity about the young women, with questions about life, family, school. She loved them, sometimes going shopping or going to the movies with her and Epstein. Once the friendship was made, it was up to him to “normalize the abuse”. He talked about sex, undressed in front of them, watched them undress. Until I asked them to massage their friend. They would end up in sex, with Ghislaine watching, many times, participating, even.

The charges against Epstein, based on victim complaints, led to the arrest of the fund manager. There were reports of abuse in the various mansions he owned in New York, Florida, New Mexico, Santa Fe, or Ghislaine’s home in London. And debauchery was used to cheer up friends and potential business partners. Among them, Andre, who categorically denies. I’d give you a 45-year sentence. Epstein did not wait: he hanged himself in the cell. The victims are left with Ghislaine’s conviction.

Missing since Epstein’s arrest in July last year, she was discovered in Bradford, New Hampshire, in a millionaire property purchased at pronto under anonymous identity. The fact that he had a British, American and French passport (he was born in France 58 years ago) and multiplied contacts and wealth represented, for the research, a risk of flight. Even because it can be an endless pain.

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