Facebook admits improper access to user data

Executive admits error on the part of the social network.

Not content to be going through a boycott of some of its biggest advertisers, Facebook may find itself embroiled in yet another controversy. PC Mag tells that the social network has provided user data to other companies beyond the previously stated deadline.

“We found some cases where apps continued to receive data that people previously authorized even when it seemed they weren’t using it for the last 90 days,” Facebook’s vice president of product platforms, Konstantinos Papamiltiadis, writes in a blog post.

The executive says that the situation has dragged on over the past few months and believes that “approximately 5 thousand developers” had access to user data beyond what was allowed. Still, Papamiltiadis points out that users ‘ private data remains so.

“We found no evidence that this issue resulted in information sharing that was inconsistent with the permissions people gave when they connected through Facebook” ” the executive said.

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